Favourites of Jenna B at Infinity!

You may know Jenna (B) as the friendly face on Saturdays at the store. She has chosen a few of her favourite things at Infinity and I get the privilege of sharing them with you.

Bath and Body:

Jenna B enjoys the Wild Moon Organics face cream. She likes it for an everyday and night face cream doubled as an after sun skin care. This makes perfect sense: in this beautiful formulation is aloe, a great after sun healer and anti inflammatory, and skin soothing petals of the calendula flower.

She also enjoys the Alba Botanica’s facial cleanser with pineapple extract. The bromelain in the pineapple makes for a gentle skin cleanser dissolving impurities from the skin.

Snacks and Food:

Jenna enjoys the Seaweed snacks you can find at the front of the store on our snack shelf. Seaweed is high in iodine, which is great for thyroid health and specifically for hypo thyroid (slow thyroid). This snack is also a great low carb alternative to potato chips to satisfy that salty craving.

The dried chickpea snacks are also a favourite of Jenna’s. These are another great alternative to potato chips, they are high in fiber, protein, zinc, folate and other B vitamins.

Vitamins and Herbs:

Flora’s Bronchial tea found in our tea section is great to have on hand during cold and flu season. It contains mallow, licorice root, fennel and linden flower. These herbs all have demulcent properties, meaning they soothe sore mucus membrane tissue and help repair damage. This tea would also work well  to protect the throat and lungs if we have another smoky summer.

Gift Items:

Jenna loves Beeswax candles, especially the ‘nude’ colour. These candles are wonderful non- toxic candles that smell just like honey. The nude colour goes with literally any colour and looks good in any room of the house.

Office Supplies:

If you know Jenna well, you know she is very organized and has impeccable handwriting. Her pen of choice at Infinity is the Zebra F-301, a fine point pen for delicate, organized handwritten lists.

By Jenna Jackson





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