Monique’s Favourites

Monique is the friendly bilingual lady who usually works on weekday afternoons. She’s a great resource because she has tried many of the products herself and has read (and tried) scads of literature on different food regimens. These are some of her favourite products at Infinity:


Sourdough Pasta (Pasta Fermentata) – Wheat has gotten a bad rep, but this little company from Kaslo, BC is helping people to fall back in love with wheat pasta that is delicious, nutritious, and above all, easy to digest. They do this through sourdough fermentation, taking advantage of all the good microbes that help our guts to process grains. Their creations of high quality, healthy, environmentally conscientious food is made with as many Canadian farmed ingredients as possible.

Chicken Bone Broth (Imagine) – Bone broth is a deliciously healing soup base. This exquisite bone broth is packaged aseptically, without the use of preservatives.


Deep Immune (St. Francis) – This protective tonic might  be the answer to avoiding this year’s bug. It contains a plethora of regenerating herbs like astragalus, reishi mushroom, schisandra and many more.

Magnesium – Even though magnesium can be found in many foods, it is one of the most common deficiencies today.

Nutri Care (Naka) – This is essentially a curcumin, or turmeric supplement. We’ve previously written about turmeric here.

Elderberry Syrup (Suro) – This is a throat and cough remedy that tastes and feels good!

Krill Oil (Sunforce) – High in omega-3 fatty acids, krill oil has all the benefits of fish oil but is more bio-available, sustainable, and less likely to contain heavy metals.

Moringa + Rhodiola (Kalaya) – This combination is a no-brainer… or is it a super-brainer? The supplement supports cognitive function, mental stamina, and focus, and also helps with stress relief.


Vinegar Plus (Simply Clean) – This is a super concentrated form of vinegar for effective, environmentally responsible cleaning.

Dryer Balls (Moss Creek Wool Works)  – These reusable, non toxic fabric softeners reduce static and costly drying time. If you like pulling freshly scented clothes from the dryer, add a few drops of essential oils to your woolly dryer balls.

Stain Remover (BunchaFarmers) – This quick fix is small enough to fit in your purse or glove compartment, and is as easy as rubbing on a stain, then wiping with a wet cloth. It’s made by a bunch of Canadian farmers who want to provide effective products that are free of toxins.


Pottery – Practical works of art. Need I say more?

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