About Me

Infinity fell into my lap on a whim in October 2005. However, my journey with the store, especially since I’ve run the store by myself in 2009, has been more intentional.

Infinity Office & Health is a vehicle to live several of my values around Food, Community, Creativity, Openness, Activism and Spiritual Growth.

The store aims to provide a high standard for customer service. Really, a small town store can’t match the big city’s in prices. So how we strive to be better is in how we care. We try to remember your favourite products or ink or the package you’ve come to pick without having to ask. And bring in products you ask us, that we might not carry otherwise! And we like having meaningful conversations and deep connections!

The love of food is the common thread that connects the staff. And we’re honoured to share our wealth of knowledge when someone has learnt of a new food sensitivity or wants to approach wellness in a different way. You’ll find us scribbling recipes on recycled paper or recommending a resource that will help make that shift.

Supporting and growing the local economy is important to me. This means having diverse products and services, being open to new ideas and work with local vendors and artisans, whenever possible. And being open when customers discover a new product or want us to carry a new brand line.

We work a lot at being on the same page (especially among staff) but also make efforts to communicate with customers when out-of-stock items will be in or are in or explain our limitations around what we can carry.

I run Infinity part-time to balance my other community development leanings (through my consulting practise Spirited Exchanges Consulting) and creative interests.  Which means, I rely heavily on my staff to run the store and know as much as I do. I strive to build capacity and confidence in my staff’s abilities, and also in other interactions.

And I strive that your experience visiting Infinity be a memorable one!