About Buddha Tweets

Old Gems shared in New Ways: Since I grew up in India, I realize I view life with a traditional lens when it comes to food and relationships (the collective) but also a cosmopolitan lens since I am discovering new cultures and ways alien to my upbringing. My time in Canada helps me learn about […]

Calm Before The Storm

Valemount Elementary school teacher Susan Prue (who has since retired) had a new tool to work with her class a few years ago after an experiment with her grade 5/6 class last year. Sue Prue had been handing out multiplication quizzes to her students and noticed that some students seemed to be very anxious before the […]

Food Cravings linked to Missing Nutrients

If you’re craving chocolate, there’s probably more than just the particular taste that your body desires. An absence of essential vitamins and minerals in our diet often attracts us to unhealthy foods. Let’s take the craving for oily snacks or fatty foods. What you are probably missing is calcium in your diet. Now calcium, in […]

The perfect tomato

Is this really a tomato? Symmetrical, red, big and firm! This was one of the first discoveries I made when I first came to Canada from India in 1993. The first set of pictures I sent home was in the produce section of Safeway in Edmonton. My grandmother still has the photograph of me standing […]