Division to Diversity

By Miwa Hiroe I’m hardly qualified to comment on what used to be normal when it comes to food. I remember having friends over as a kid and begging my mother, “can we PLEASE have something normal tonight?” Her resourcefulness consolidated with an exceptional creative license that resulted in all sorts of unlikely culinary combinations. […]

What’s new this season?

We’re back after a lull on the social media scene as a result of staff holidays. But this pause also gave me time to reflect on what’s important to offer at Infinity. I want to make ‘Local’ products more accessible and promote recycling / reuse. What’s better than chocolate – Local chocolate! Given our remote […]

The MCT trend

What is MCT Oil? You may recognize the name of this oil, or maybe you even put it into  your morning coffee. MCT oil is a product we carry at Infinity and recently it has been flying off the shelves. Here is why: MCT oil or Medium Chain Triglyceride oil is derived from our beloved coconut […]

By Miwa Hiroe We are, generally, decent at questioning things that are new to us: beliefs, behaviours, products, etc. and yet, if the subject in question has been all that we’ve ever known, since the dawn of our experienced time, it’s less likely to draw enough attention to be closely scrutinized, especially if it seems […]

By Jenna Jackson Farmer’s Market season is upon us! We are so fortunate in the valley to have so many wonderful farmers who take care of us during the growing season (and quite some time after!) The benefits of eating locally are endless. Yes, the food is healthier. Yes, it’s more sustainable and yes, it […]

By Miwa Hiroe I’ve been savouring wild rose season. I don’t know if there are more flowers than usual or if we’ve just gotten enough rain to sustain their blooms longer than last year, but they seem particularly plentiful. I picked some petals the other day and left them to dry on the kitchen counter […]

One of the reasons to get things at Infinity, other than it being convenient, is that I am able to stay focused on what I need rather than what I want … we’ve tried to stay with functional products and art that is useful, like pottery or Bolga baskets. I live to eat My morning […]

Monique is the friendly bilingual lady who usually works on weekday afternoons. She’s a great resource because she has tried many of the products herself and has read (and tried) scads of literature on different food regimens. These are some of her favourite products at Infinity: Food Sourdough Pasta (Pasta Fermentata) – Wheat has gotten […]

You may know Jenna (B) as the friendly face on Saturdays at the store. She has chosen a few of her favourite things at Infinity and I get the privilege of sharing them with you. Bath and Body: Jenna B enjoys the Wild Moon Organics face cream. She likes it for an everyday and night […]

It’s spring and we’ve got flowers emerging in Infinity too. They like to pop up around products that are popular among the staff. Here are a few of my personal favorites: Food Radish Seeds (Westpoint) – These are for sprouting. It only takes a few days for them to become fresh, green morsels with a […]