Crafted locally

We carry products by some amazing local vendors who create products right here in Valemount and surrounding areas. Let the beauty of their craft fill your home, or light up someone’s life on a special occasion.

Rebecca Hulka – Mountain High Illumination

becky hulka

Rebecca Hulka became fascinated with the technique of illumination some years ago, and promptly paired it with a long-time interest in textile arts. Her ideas and experiments of illuminating, or bringing light into her projects, eventually led to dying fabrics and the discovery of silk as a medium. She says, “Silk has a luminous quality that enhances the whole aspect of rich colour and illumination. It is such a pleasure to ‘discover’ each piece as it finishes up; each one is unique, and though you may get some results that are similar, no two turn out exactly alike.”

The name “Mountain High Illumination” came from our beautiful surroundings, and the idea of illumination – light shining in and through the colour of the dyed product.  Her inspiration comes from the beauty of the sky, the colours of natural outdoor beauty, and light.

Becky lives in McBride with her husband, Paul, where she is an active violinist.


Jeannette Lorenz – Valley and Mountain Wear

Jeannette Lorenz, whose mother was a painter, grew up loving both arts and crafts. She began sewing and designing fleece wear in 1999 and from there her creativity evolved into creams and balms, fused glass and jewelry, postcards and photographs, a cookbook and recently, a youtube channel called “Storytime with Tante Paula.”

Much of Jeannette’s inspiration is discovered spontaneously, through findings and observations during nature walks and on long, thoughtful drives. Other sources of inspiration are the crafting workshops that she likes to attend, where she is always sure to meet interesting people and learn new techniques.

Jeannette finds that art is a self perpetuating activity. “I think anybody can do it,” she says. “The more you do, the better you get, and the more ideas you will have.” Her favourite quote is by Franklin D. Roosevelt, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”


Karla Ramsey – Diamond Acres PhotographyKarla Ramsay

Karla Ramsey was born and raised in Valemount. She continues to live in the valley where she works as a full-time licensed auto technician and a part-time vet assistant. Karla has always loved art and practiced it in many forms. Photography is one of her favourite formats. Karla tries her best to capture beautiful moments in nature and hopes that others will see the depth and magnificence that she ventures to portray. She is extremely happy and excited to share her photographs with everyone.


Katherine Beeson

Kat Beeson
Katherine Beeson has taken many photographs both at home in Valemount and whilst travelling abroad. In 2007 she began to share her increasing collection of snapshots with others in the form of photo mounted greeting cards. One of her favourite quotes is, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention,” by Kahlil Gibran. Kat passionately enjoys this art form and hopes the folks who buy her cards enjoy them as much as she does.


Roger Beck – Roger’s Best Vegetables

Roger Beck's garlic Roger Beck 

Roger Beck lives in Tete Jaune where he has been commercially farming for about ten years. He combines his spiritual principles and Roger Beckagricultural studies to provide friends and neighbors with high quality vegetables, grown with the unequivocal intention of supporting human life in the most effective way possible. Roger has offered weekly vegetable box programs and attended farmers’ markets throughout the Robson Valley. He is delighted to share the fruits of his labour and is inspired by the feedback that he receives from those that eat his vegetables. His garlic, in particular, has become a popular specialty.

Each year Roger devotes approximately half of his growing area to green manure in order to improve the quality and fertility of the soil. His goal is to constantly raise the nutritional value in the vegetables he grows.


Steficia McLean – Mountain Pottery

Steficia McLean began making pottery in the early 1970’s when there was a resurgence of the craft movement. Handmade objects were admired and sought after, and classes were available in every kind of craft imaginable. Stefi, who was already making clothes and sweaters, began making pottery so that she could also make her own dishes. With time her hobby turned into a passion and she began working full time in the studio, found her voice in the clay and became a potter.

Stefi’s criteria for her vessels are focused on functionality. For example, a teapot must stand firmly and pour without dribbling. Their shapes are defined by their use. Stefi’s designs come from the natural world which surrounds her studio in Dunster, and her feelings about nature and her place in this world.

Steficia’s loves being a potter. She says, “Each day I am challenged to solve problems which arise from working with a material as alive as clay. There is always something new to think about, to learn. I feel very lucky to be living the creative life.” Her favourite quote is, “A potter’s best tool is a hammer.”


Monique Jamin

A painter based in Valemount, Monique creates greeting cards based on her original artwork.

“I love the play of cloud and light on the mountains; it reveals their face.”

She’s lived in the valley for many years and used her time to learn about the mountains she paints.

Monique is part of a Valemount art collective that paints together every week, and an esteemed member of the collective had a profound impact on her work.

“I’m deeply grateful to the late David Norwell, who practised “serendipity” in his artwork and led me to move from fear of making mistakes to joyful abandon in the creative process.

Monique’s favorite quote is “We’ll see how this turns out.”


Wild Moon Organics

A 100% natural handmade organic herbal skin care and tea company based in the heart of the Canadian Rockies passionate about living naturally and healing the body with nature.

We handcraft in small batches using all-natural, high quality and, wherever possible, organic and fairly-traded ingredients that contain no toxins whatsoever. We are also committed to wildcrafting and harvesting whenever the seasons allow.

Wild Moon believes that our health and wellness should not come at a cost to our environment and strives to create eco-friendly products with minimum packaging. We avoid synthetic fragrances, colours, petroleum products and non-natural preservatives. By choosing to use organic and natural products you can truly feel good about healing the body and spirit naturally.