What’s new this season?

We’re back after a lull on the social media scene as a result of staff holidays. But this pause also gave me time to reflect on what’s important to offer at Infinity. I want to make ‘Local’ products more accessible and promote recycling / reuse.

What’s better than chocolate – Local chocolate!

Given our remote location, I get very excited to have BC and Alberta made products, and Denman Island Chocolate is a BC favourite! The bars are made with organic, non-GMO FairTrade chocolate with a high (63% or 72%) cocoa mass content, making for a more intense, less sweet flavour that is rich and clean. Us art-loving folks at the store dig the wrappers that showcase the flora on Denman Island and bring more connection to the natural world.

Denman Island Chocolate wants to include customers’ creativity in with their bars. Do you have a poem, drawing, print or very short story that you’d like to see on the inside of one their wrappers? Email them. If they decide to use it, you will be credited and receive a free case of chocolate!

Wild Moon Organics Gets Better!

One of the hottest items in the skin care section is the Wild Beauty Rose Face Cream. Nicole Gaboury, based in Jasper, brings us a great line of soaps, creams, body products, and loose-leaf teas.

Since glass recycling is not an option in the Robson Valley, we’re thrilled that Nicole is taking back glass jars to reuse. She can also refill plastic containers for resale back to the same customer! Bring plastic vessels back to Infinity with your name and number when it’s time for a refill of say, the Ram’s Rub – a great smelling scrub, and she will reuse that container for you. Nicole is planning to eliminate all plastic packaging and replacing with glass or paper/cardboard. Thanks Nicole!

More Gluten Free options

With increased sensitivities to gluten, we’ve been bringing in more organic and gluten free foods. Food limitations are tough, but Coquitlam based GluteNull is making a great range of organic, non-GMO snack bars with mild sweetening and using coconut sugar. Their Buckwheat and Hemp Energy granola bars meet the multi-purpose needs for indulgence, energy, and health. Goji Berry in Chocolate, Ginger Square and Fruit & Nut are popular options in the breakfast bar / cookie category.

It Pays to Shop Local!

Last but not least, we’ve just created an Ink Loyalty Card for Infinity to entice you to keep a few more dollars local in this age of online shopping. The card will give you 50% OFF your sixth ink cartridge and we are happy to keep your Loyalty Card on file here at the store. There’s another purpose to this – everything with me has to have more than one purpose! The ink you need will be filed with your name, so remembering your ink number is being made easy. By the way, we can bring in inks for you in a short time. If you let us know by noon on Tuesday, it’ll be here by Friday afternoon.

PS. This card was designed by Jenna B in-house; if you need to use our services for a creative project, we do that as well. We have samples of our design jobs for business cards, brochures, and more!

– Rashmi



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