About Me

Hello! I am Michele Dallaire.

Although Infinity has been in business since October 2005, my journey with the store started on July 1, 2019.

My family and I moved from a small French community in Alberta called Plamondon to Valemount in August of 2018. We’ve always loved exploring the mountains during family holidays and spent quite a bit of time in Valemount the passed two summers because my oldest daughter worked as a raft guide for the local rafting companies.

We fell in love with this mountain town and decided to make it our new home. I find time spent in nature to be the greatest healer. When I’m not working or teaching, I’m out hiking or biking exploring new mountain trails, growing organic food for my family, having fun with my camera and other creative art projects.

I’m excited about this new opportunity to serve a wonderful community. I have studied & worked in Holistic Health and Wellbeing for over 18 years. In Plamondon I was deeply connected to my community, served on many boards and was a Community Development Executive Director for years. I now want to share my community minded spirit with Valemount.

I love the uniqueness and diversity of Infinity Office & Health and that it supports many local artisans. I believe in buying & supporting local. I plan to operate Infinity in much the same manner yet I’m open to change and providing what the community needs.

I really look forward to connecting with you, please stop by to say hello! I would love to meet you.