Environmental Initiatives

It’s hard to live in this beautiful area and not be grateful for Mother Nature’s gifts. So we feel it’s our responsibility to do our part and reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

We use scratch pads made in-house from recycled paper, reuse grocery bags brought in by customers and recycle everything that’s possible here, even if it means several trips to the transfer station to empty out scraps of paper into the Mixed Paper bins, sometimes in ridiculous weather conditions!

We avoid giving a bag if there are only 2-3 items and when we can, we use paper bags or cardboard boxes to avoid plastic bags. Please help us reduce plastic from the landfill – please bring your own shopping bag(s) when you visit us. We sell beautiful bolga baskets … you’ll want to take it shopping everywhere.

We accept used inks, toners and batteries.

We recycle all scraps of paper, cardboard and plastic.

We reuse and offer bubble wrap (that comes in with our orders) to our customers for free.

Watch for details on our upcoming promotion for Earth Day on April 22.