Computer & Digital Accessories

The technology market is probably the hardest one for us to keep up with because of the size of the community, but we do our best.

We carry Ink and Toner (Brother, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark). Requests can be brought in within a week.

We also usually have a couple of multi-function inkjet printers on hand, if yours just bit the dust. We make sure we carry the no-name inks for these printers, ‘cos, as you know, it’s the ongoing cost of the printer that can get to us.

Other items in store include Keyboard, Mouse, Router, Webcam, Chat Headset, Computer Speakers

We carry several options for memory including an External Hard Drive, USB Flash Drives, Digital Cards – SD, microSD, Compact Flash, Digital Card Reader, and an USB Port Hub

There’s a few accessories for music such as FM Transmitter, Car Mount for phone, USB AC Adaptor, USB Car Charger, Cables, Headset, Earbuds

We carry a handful of choices of SIM Cards – Telus, Bell, Virgin in different sizes / formats.